Stevie Wilson Returns to Saltcoats Victoria

Explore the exciting new chapter in our team’s journey through an exclusive interview with our newly appointed head, Stevie Wilson.

Gain insights into his leadership philosophy, tactical innovations, and long-term aspirations for the squad. This interview offers a behind-the-scenes look at Stevie’s vision, providing fans with a glimpse into the strategies that will guide our team to success.

Join us in welcoming Stevie Wilson and be part of the thrilling narrative as we embark on a new era under his leadership.

Can you introduce yourself and share a bit about your journey in football so far?

I’m thrilled to announce my return to Saltcoats Victoria after a challenging few weeks. Commending the committee and players, this marks my second stint at the club. After managing various teams, I’m coming full circle to give back to the club that provided my first opportunity in the junior game.

Building a strong coaching staff is crucial. How do you ensure diversity and collaboration within the coaching team to achieve success?

I avoid having “yes men” and value trust and constructive questioning. The coaching staff includes Davie Wilson and Derek Gemmell, bringing a wealth of experience. We’re hopeful for more additions to propel the club forward.

We are midway through the season, securing players on loan is a challenge. How do you approach player recruitment and retention, and what’s your strategy for integrating new players?

Grateful for those loaning players, we’ve secured three from Dalry and Maybole 20s. Seasoned players like Paul Young and existing squad members add experience. While settling may take time, I look forward to building and improving players.

In terms of player development, how do you plan to integrate young talents into the team and balance experience with youth for future success?

Our goal is to provide young talents 20-30 junior games, guided by experienced players. By next season, we aim for these players to become established members of the 1st team.

Finally, what message would you like to convey to the passionate supporters of Saltcoats Victoria as you embark on this new journey?

Saltcoats Victoria’s history is crucial to the community. We are a small part of that history, playing our role to get the club back to where it belongs. To the dedicated supporters, thank you for backing us, and to lapsed fans, join our journey.

Merry Christmas and a successful New Year to all.