Ayesha McGregor Returns to Saltcoats Victoria: A Social Media Maven’s Homecoming

A familiar face is back in the football club scene as Ayesha Tara McGregor makes a triumphant return to Saltcoats Victoria. McGregor brings her expertise and passion for social media management back to the club where her journey in sports organizations began.

McGregor’s journey into the world of social media was sparked during her tenure with the media and communications team at Young Lives Vs Cancer. Her experiences there ignited a fascination with how social media can elevate the profiles of charities and businesses alike.

I began my social media management career at Saltcoats Victoria and was there for the 2021/22 Season,” reminisced McGregor. “I then moved to Ardrossan Winton Rovers for the 2022/23 season and briefly at Bonnyton Thistle for a few months before taking some time off.

However, the allure of football and the desire to contribute to the community through her skills led McGregor back to Saltcoats Victoria. “After some time off, I realized I was missing being involved with a football club and heard that Saltcoats were looking for someone to come on board and help,” she explained. “So, I reached out and was lucky enough to be welcomed back to the club.”

In her role, McGregor will be an integral part of the social media team at Saltcoats Victoria, where she will play a key role in developing the club’s Instagram presence and supporting other social channels. “I’m excited to work alongside a talented team and contribute to the growth of our Instagram platform, as well as assisting in various other aspects of our social media strategy,” she affirmed.

Beyond her professional endeavors, McGregor offered some lighthearted insights into her personality. Her go-to karaoke song is “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, and her favorite food is homemade macaroni cheese. When asked about her preferred superpower, McGregor expressed interest in either mind-reading or teleportation.

With McGregor’s return, Saltcoats Victoria is poised to continue the momentum of its rejuvenated online presence. McGregor’s dedication and expertise will further propel the club forward, ensuring continued growth and engagement within the online community.

As the season progresses, Ayesha McGregor’s influence both on and off the field promises to leave a lasting impact on Saltcoats Victoria and the broader football community.